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100m Diameter Oilfit Flexible Flue System 12m Length

Product Information
  • allows conventional flue through chimney
  • manufactured from Poly Propylene

4000 SimpleSwitch flue adaptor 60/100mm

Product Information
  • Allows for quick and easy replacement of old Greenstar I Junior and Si combi boilers, no need for core drilling
  • Allows for quick and easy replacement of old Greenstar I System boilers (2005-15)
  • Flue accessory provides the perfect offset/kink to allow installers to re-use existing flue holes through the building fabric

Altecnic Robofil Automatic Filling Loop Including Valve

Product Information
  • Approved flexible hoses complete with check valves
  • Comply with water regulations
  • Used to fill sealed systems from the mains cold water

Baxi Flue Extension 1M

Product Information
  • Part of Baxi Multifit flue system
  • Positive screw fixings for all connections
  • Coloured to match existing rainwater systems

Baxi Multifit Telescopic Horizontal Boiler Flue Including Low Profile Bend 60mm/100mm White

Product Information
  • Compatible with Baxi Duo-tec, EcoBlue and Potterton Promax boilers
  • Easy to install
  • Efficient removal of acidic flue gases

Baxi Potterton Multifit HE System Concentric Boiler Pipe Support 100mm

Product Information
  • Helps ensure system efficiency
  • Positive screw fixings for all connections
  • White to blend with flue system

Baxi Vertical Boiler Flue Terminal Black

Product Information
  • Compatible with Baxi Duo-Tec, Platinum, and Megaflo boiler ranges
  • Vertical flue gas expulsion
  • Anti-corrosive

Firebird Plas-fit 45 Deg Elbow (Pair)

Product Information
  • For Use With Firebird Boilers In Outputs Of 12kW To 35kW
  • Easy To Install
  • Provides Fexibility


Product Information
  • Supplied in modular form, enabling most installations to be accommodated
  • Short (270 – 350mm) or standard (370 – 550mm) starter kits
  • Starter kits can be extended using extensions and elbows from the low level balanced Yellow System.


Product Information
  • Designed to enable an existing chimney to be utilised.
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Smooth bore flexible stainless steel flue liner, specifically designed for condensing boilers

Greenstar 4000 / Compact Pre-plumbing Kit

Product Information
  • Time and effort saving accessory
  • Pre-bent pipes designed to run vertically behind the boiler
  • Space for rear piping as standard, no stand-off kit needed


Product Information
  • Maintains correct flow of water through the boiler
  • For use with ecoTEC plus 48 and 64kW
  • Aids in providing a constant temperature supply of water to reach multiple heating circuits downstream of the low-loss header connectio