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Baxi uSense Smart Room Thermostat

Product Information
  • 3 year warranty for peace of mind
  • optimum settings can be worked out saving you money
  • Holiday mode reduces the temperature while you are away, returning to normal when you come home, saving you money

Boss Room Thermostat TPST201

Product Information
  • Electrical dial room thermostat
  • Industry standard backplate
  • Valve protection function

BOSS Universal Programmer TPSE201

Product Information
  • Twin control programmer
  • Ideal for gravity or fully pumped systems
  • Universal programming - Daily - Weekday/Weekend - 7 Day

BOSSTherm™ Universal Time Switch BUT2

Product Information
  • Unique menu driven programming
  • Easy to read large backlite display
  • Holiday Program

Click Smart+ 150W 1 Gang Dimming Receiver – CSP051

Product Information
  • No neutral connection required
  • Zigbee signal mesh
  • 230V retractive switch(es) control with permanent live required

Danfoss Tpone-s + Dbr Smart Internet Connected 7 Day, 5/2 Day Programmable Room Thermostat

Product Information
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity. Secure encrypted internet connection via Danfoss cloud services
  • Remote Controlled via TPOne Heating App. A single TPOne-S can be paired with up to 10 mobile devices
  • Includes DBR RF boiler relay

Drayton 13616 Digistat+ CF RF Cylinder Thermostat Plus Pack

Product Information
  • Convention dial adjustment
  • 5°C setting steps
  • Minimum and maximum temperature setting of 40 to 70°C

Drayton Automatic Bypass Valve 22mm

Product Information
  • The bypass should be installed between flow and return with flow in the direction of the arrow
  • Maintains optimum flow
  • Automatic operation

Drayton LP711 7 Day Timeswitch 25478

Product Information
  • 7 day control (each day can be set differently) with 3 time periods per day
  • Automatic summer/winter time change
  • Preset clock

Drayton Unvented Heating Control Pack UWH82

Product Information
  • LP522 5/2 Day Programmer
  • RTS1 Room Thermostat
  • 22mm 2-Port Motorised Valve

Fireangel CO-9B 1 Year Replaceable Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Product Information
  • Battery Powered CO Detector - 2 X 1.5v AA Batteries Included
  • Advanced Electrochemical Sensor Designed To Accurately Measure Low Levels Of CO
  • Test/reset Button Feature