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Boss Room Thermostat TPST201

Product Information
  • Electrical dial room thermostat
  • Industry standard backplate
  • Valve protection function

Danfoss Tpone-s + Dbr Smart Internet Connected 7 Day, 5/2 Day Programmable Room Thermostat

Product Information
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity. Secure encrypted internet connection via Danfoss cloud services
  • Remote Controlled via TPOne Heating App. A single TPOne-S can be paired with up to 10 mobile devices
  • Includes DBR RF boiler relay

Drayton 13616 Digistat+ CF RF Cylinder Thermostat Plus Pack

Product Information
  • Convention dial adjustment
  • 5°C setting steps
  • Minimum and maximum temperature setting of 40 to 70°C

Drayton Unvented Heating Control Pack UWH82

Product Information
  • LP522 5/2 Day Programmer
  • RTS1 Room Thermostat
  • 22mm 2-Port Motorised Valve

FP720 2 Channel Programmer 230V

Product Information
  • Large backlit display
  • 7 day, 5/2 day or 24hr schedule
  • 1, 2 or 3 periods

Honeywell Home DT92E Digital Wireless Eco Room Thermostat DT92E1000

Product Information
  • Easy to set up with two way wireless communication (30 metres range) and a signal strength indicator
  • ‘TPI control’ offering energy saving technology to reduce heating costs
  • Simple user operation plus an ECO button giving a timed temperature boost or reduction at the touch of a button

Ideal RF Wireless Mechanical Programmable Room Thermostat

Product Information
  • Wall mounted or free standing room thermostat
  • Plug-in RF receiver
  • Suitable for use with the Ideal Logic & Logic+ Combi boiler range only

Neomitis Room Thermostat Seven Day Plus Radio Frequencey Black RT7RFB++PLUS

Product Information
  • Dual optimization feature
  • Automation: flexible programming and easy modification to combinecomfort and savings.
  • Suitable for all heating applications

Sensor Casing White for Use with Clever Thermostat

Product Information
  • Sensor Casing
  • Required for use with Clever thermostat and remote sensor