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Glowworm 2000801391 Printed Circuit Board (Compact 75/80/100E)

Product Information
  • Supplier Part Number: 2000801391
  • Compatiable with: Glowworm Compact 75/80/100E

Vaillant 0020135138 Ecotec Plus Fan

Product Information
  • Supplier Part Number: 0020135138
  • Plus Fan
  • The fan is the component that pushes fresh air in to the combustion chamber, allowing the gas to be burnt correctly. It also extracts the noxious gas after the combustion process is complete. The boiler has safety parameters in place to make sure no gas can be passed through to the main burner if the fan is not functioning correctly.This part is present in 28 different boilers in the Vaillant range including the Vaillant VU 126/5-5 , ecoTEC PLUS (2012-CURR), VU 156/5-5 , ecoTEC PLUS (2012-CURR), VU 186/5-5 .

Vaillant 180935 Complete Front Cover

Product Information
  • Supplier Part Number: 180935
  • Fits A Number Of Vaillant Appliances
  • Complete Front Cover